Forming identity in an online hate group

These findings indicate that processes of group identification and adaption take place in online forums in a similar way as in real life settings. The decrease in use of ‘I’ and increase in use of ‘we’ signals a collective identity formation within the forum. The increased use of ‘they’ signals increased distancing to one or more outgroups. The linguistic adaption is also a signal of normal group processes, showing that individuals in online forums want to be part of the group and hence adapts to the norms of the group.
— Read on From I to We: Group Formation and Linguistic Adaption in an Online Xenophobic Forum

Self-hosting Sandstorm

I discovered Sandstorm last week while searching for Slack alternatives for the company. What’s the best way to describe Sandstorm? It’s a virtual environment for hosting web applications. Think of it as your very own Google infra, where you can set up mail, blogs, chat, code repositories, file shares, and even games. And it can all be self-hosted.

I got it running over the weekend and I’m pretty impressed with the polish and ease of use. I have it installed on an internal server now and I’m going to see what the team’s response is tomorrow.