My first 3D printer

Tronxy X1 3D printer
Tronxy X1

I have made it a point to avoid posting pictures on this new blog but for this I am making an exception. Presenting my first 3D printer, the Tronxy X1!

This has been on my bucket list for a while. After holding off for so long I finally took the plunge. My work colleague had some experience with these from school and the prices from China factories had dropped to under P10,000.

The final hurdle was the perceived risk. Would the merchant deliver? Would customs slap me with outrageous tariffs? Would the product work?

I ordered the printer on January 26. It arrived on February 9. Two weeks! Not bad, not bad at all. Customs just charged me their usual holding fee of P112 (total of P224, though, because the printer and the filament came separate.)

Does it work? Yes! We assembled it today, and it took about 6 hours, my friend doing most of the work. All the parts were present, the only hitch being ill fitting corner posts (fixed with washers from the neighborhood hardware store.) We did our first print right after, a sample pillar.

More to come Monday!

Civic engagement in the time of the #hashtag

Ethan Zuckerman is studying how technology is changing how we try to effect social change.

We used to make change mostly using law as our primary lever. Now we use the legal lever less; we use the levers of norms of markets and technology more often. #MeToo is an example of a norms-based campaign. It’s basically saying, “We’re going to challenge how people talk about sexual assault and sexual harassment.” And once we change that norm, there’s other legal pieces, market pieces, that’ll come into play. But at its heart it’s trying to change how we have certain conversations.

Zuckerman, by the way, is also known as the inventor of the pop-up ad, an achievement for which he has since apologized. In his reformed life, he is professor of MIT’s Media Lab.